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How tall is ChrisMD?

ChrisMD Height? Fans across the world are eager to know the height of a popular YouTube content creator who is best known for his videos related to the FIFA video game series. He is 5 feet 8 inches (172cm) tall. Talking about ChrisMD’s weight, he is a healthy guy, who weighs approximately 65 kg.

Biography / Wiki

Chris Dixon, often known as Chrismd, is a British YouTuber, content creator as well as a Twitch streamer. On June 10, 1996, he was born in England. Chrismd became obsessed with video games and football (soccer) at an early age. In 2013, he united these passions to launch his YouTube channel.


The initial focus of Chrismd’s YouTube channel was on gameplay and analysis videos for the FIFA video game series. He gained fame rapidly and added team builders, pack openers, and other FIFA-related challenges to his work. His YouTube channel expanded over time to become one of the most well-liked FIFA channels.

Along with FIFA, Chrismd has written articles about the video games Rocket League, Among Us, and Minecraft. He is renowned for his amusing commentary style, sense of humor, and engaging demeanor.

ChrisMD age

ChrisMD Age

As per ChrisMD’s date of birth, his age is 26 years (as of now, in 2023). 

ChrisMD Height and Weight

ChrisMD’s height is about 5 feet 8 inches and his weight is approximately 65 kg.

Earlier Years

Chris Dixon developed a love for video games and football (soccer) from a young age. When he was 17 years old, he blended these hobbies and launched his YouTube account. At first, he posted videos of himself playing FIFA and commenting on the action.

FIFA was one of the most well-known video game titles at the time, and Dixon’s channel soon grew in popularity. His engaging demeanor and amusing commentary style gave his channel a distinctive viewpoint on the game. Dixon’s YouTube channel soon gained popularity, and he swiftly rose to the top among FIFA YouTubers.

ChrisMD height

FIFA Content Development

Dixon started producing more varied content as his channel evolved, such as pack opens, squad builders, and other FIFA-related challenges. His pack openings, in which he cracked open FIFA Ultimate Team packs in quest of uncommon players, quickly gained popularity, and viewers enjoyed seeing his amusing responses and remarks. Dixon’s squad-building challenges, in which he tried to assemble a team that met certain requirements, such as utilizing only players from a particular nation or league, also gained popularity.

Dixon’s channel expanded over time to feature material unrelated to FIFA. He started making movies about various video games, including Minecraft, Among Us, and Rocket League. Dixon also started working together with other well-known YouTubers and content producers, which boosted his profile even more.

ChrisMD career
ChrisMD with Cristiano Ronaldo

Brand Partnerships and Collaborations

Dixon started to earn business sponsorships and collaborations as his YouTube channel expanded in prominence. He has collaborated with numerous well-known companies, including Coca-Cola, EA Sports, and Nike. Dixon was able to broaden his audience and gain more visibility thanks to these partnerships.

Along with brand partnerships, Dixon also collaborated with the Sidemen gaming channel on YouTube. Seven British YouTubers who work together to produce material are known as The Sidemen. Dixon has gained more exposure thanks to his appearances in various Sidemen films.


YouTube Streaming

Dixon streams frequently on Twitch in addition to his YouTube channel. He routinely broadcasts himself playing FIFA and other video games on his Twitch account. Many of Dixon’s YouTube viewers have also started following him on Twitch, which has helped his Twitch channel grow in popularity.


Achievements and Recognition

Success for Dixon on Twitch and YouTube has not gone unnoticed. For his work creating material, he has received numerous honors and awards. He was the recipient of the Best Gaming Video Creator eSports Industry Award in 2017. He has also received nominations for the Shorty Awards and the Streamy Awards, among other honors.

Chris Dixon, sometimes known as ChrisMD, is one of the most well-known YouTube FIFA video producers. His engaging personality, entertaining commentary style, and distinctive perspective on FIFA gaming have all contributed to the growth of his channel to over 6 million members. Dixon has received brand collaborations, partnerships, and award nominations as a result of his popularity on YouTube and Twitch. Despite his success, Dixon maintains his modesty and keeps producing entertaining and engaging content for his fans.

ChrisMD wiki


Chris has not mentioned his parents or siblings in any of his videos or on any of his social media accounts. He has kept a very low profile when it comes to his personal affairs, and he rarely posts photos of his family on social media. He could prefer to keep his private life and his public persona as a content developer apart. Inferences about ChrisMd’s parents and siblings are therefore inappropriate because no information about them is in the public domain.

ChrisMD YouTube career


ChrisMd has not shared any information about his girlfriend or relationship status on his social media platforms or in any of his videos. It’s probable that he chooses to keep his romantic status distinct from his public persona as a content provider because he has been so private about his personal life. Inferences about ChrisMd’s girlfriend are therefore inappropriate because no information about her is in the public domain.

ChrisMD's girlfriend
ChrisMD with his girlfriend


  1. ChrisMD hails from Jersey, England.
  2. He started his YouTube channel in 2013 when he was 17 years old.
  3. ChrisMd’s YouTube channel focuses primarily on FIFA gameplay videos, pack openings, and squad-building challenges.
  4. He is known for his entertaining commentary style, engaging personality, and unique perspective on FIFA gameplay.
  5. ChrisMd’s YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers and has garnered over 1 billion views.
  6. He is also an active Twitch streamer, where he plays FIFA and other video games.
  7. In addition to FIFA, ChrisMd also creates content related to other video games, such as Rocket League, Among Us, and Minecraft.
  8. ChrisMd has collaborated with several well-known brands such as Nike, EA Sports, and Coca-Cola.
  9. He has won several awards and accolades for his content creation, including the eSports Industry Award for Best Gaming Video Creator in 2017.
  10. ChrisMd has been married and has a daughter, but he has been very private about his personal life and prefers to keep it separate from his public persona as a content creator.

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Net Worth 

Chrismd, is a popular British YouTuber, and content creator as well as a Twitch streamer how rich is he? As per our research and data available on the internet, it is said that Chrismd’s current net worth as of now, in 2023 is estimated to be around more than $2.12 million.

A big portion of his income comes from his successful career as a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Content creator, commercials, brand promotions, and business ventures. As his career is active, it can be expected that his net worth will increase in the upcoming days.

ChrisMD net worth

Social Media

ChrisMD InstagramClick Here
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Does ChrisMD, Consume Alcohol?No
Does he, Smoke?No
Does he, Drive?Yes
Does ChrisMD, Swims?Yes
Does he know cooking?Yes
Is he a Yoga Practitioner?No
Does Gym?Yes
Is ChrisMD a Jogger?Yes
Eating Habit?Non-Vegetarian


Who is ChrisMD?

Chrismd is a well-known YouTube content producer who is well-known for his FIFA video game series-related videos. Among other things, he produces information about team-building problems, packs openers, and FIFA gaming.

Chrismd, whose true name is Chris Dixon, has been posting videos to YouTube since 2013, and as of the knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, he has collected almost 6 million subscribers. He is active on a variety of social media websites, including Twitter and Instagram.

Is ChrisMD married?

No, ChrisMD is not yet married as of now in 2023.

What is the age of ChrisMD?

The age of ChrisMD is 26 years ( as of 2023).

When is the Birthday of ChrisMD?

ChrisMD’s birthday is on 10 June 1996.

What is the Zodiac Sign of ChrisMD?

The Zodiac Sign of ChrisMD is Gemini.

How tall is ChrisMD?

ChrisMD is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Where is ChrisMD from?

ChrisMD is from Jersey, England.

How much is the net worth of ChrisMD?

The net worth of ChirsMD is estimated to be around more than $2.12 million.


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