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How tall is Cole Hauser?

Cole Hauser Height? Fans across the world are eager to know the height of a popular American actor, best known for his work as an actor in both film and television. He is 6 feet 1 inches (185cm) tall. Talking about Cole Hauser’s weight, he is a healthy guy, who weighs approximately 79 kg.

Biography / Wiki

On March 22, 1975, Cole Kenneth Hauser was born in Santa Barbara, California, in the United States. His ancestors have a long history in the entertainment business. His mother is Cass Warner, the granddaughter of Warner Bros. co-founder Harry Warner, and his father is actor Wings Hauser.


Early in the 1990s, Cole Hauser began his acting career. He made his acting debut in “School Ties” (1992), which helped him establish notoriety and pave the way for other opportunities. He demonstrated his acting ability in the 1990s by showing up in movies including “Dazed and Confused” (1993), “Higher Learning” (1995), and “The Hi-Lo Country” (1998).

Cole Hauser age
Cole Hauser

Cole Hauser Age

As per Cole Hauser’s date of birth, his age is 48 years (as of now, in 2023). 


Cole Hauser Height and Weight

Cole Hauser’s height is about 6 feet 1 inches and his weight is approximately 79 kg.


Hauser made his acting debut in the early 1990s in the 1992 film “School Ties,” which included well-known actors including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Positive reviews for Hauser’s portrayal of Jack Connors in the film, which centered on anti-Semitism in a famous prep school, helped him become well-known in the industry.

After a bright beginning with important roles in various films throughout the 1990s, Hauser established a strong reputation. In the 1993 cult classic “Dazed and Confused” by Richard Linklater, he portrayed the wayward Benny O’Donnell. The 1970s coming-of-age film about kids in high school has since won over audiences’ hearts.

Cole Hauser height
Cole Hauser

In John Singleton’s 1995 drama film “Higher Learning,” Hauser played the lead. The complex issues of racial strife and identity on a college campus were examined in the movie. The portrayal of white nationalist student Scott Moss by Hauser showcased his aptitude for complicated and nuanced characters.

Hauser continued his run of interesting parts in 1998’s “The Hi-Lo Country,” a western directed by Stephen Frears. The popularity of the movie among critics led to further recognition of Hauser’s acting skills.


In the early 2000s, Hauser’s career underwent a significant turning point. In 2000, he made an appearance in the military movie “Tigerland,” which was directed by Joel Schumacher. Hauser played a tough drill instructor named Staff Sergeant Cota in a Vietnam War training camp. Hauser’s acting prowess was furthered by the film’s positive reviews and widespread praise for his performance.

In “Hart’s War,” a war film from 2002, Hauser acted with Bruce Willis as a young commander in World War II. The next year, he joined the cast of the action-packed prequel “2 Fast, 2 Furious” (2003), playing drug lord Carter Verone. These projects showcased Hauser’s acting versatility and his capacity to fit into various genres.


In the middle of the 2000s, Hauser’s career kept growing thanks to roles in films like “Paparazzi” (2004), in which he played a resentful husband seeking payback for his family, and “The Break-Up” (2006), a romantic comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston.

Cole Hauser career
Cole Hauser

Hauser entered the television profession in addition to continuing to perform in motion pictures. In the 2007 television drama “K-Ville,” he portrayed a New Orleans police officer who was attempting to rebuild his life following Hurricane Katrina. Hauser was able to showcase his talent on television as a result of the show, despite its brief existence.


In the years that followed, Hauser made other film and television appearances, such as in “A Good Day to Die Hard” (2013) and “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013). On the small screen, meanwhile, his role as Ethan Kelly in the 2013–2017 television series “Rogue” helped him further cement his reputation. The fact that Hauser was praised by critics for his portrayal of an undercover police officer who had to make moral choices showed that he had the ability to direct a show with a complex main character.

One of Hauser’s most remarkable career achievements came when he joined the cast of Taylor Sheridan’s well-known Western drama series “Yellowstone.” Rip Wheeler, a ranch laborer and committed enforcer for the powerful Dutton family, was a character played by Hauser. The audience was quickly won over by Hauser’s character thanks to his compelling performance.

The critically acclaimed film “Yellowstone” has a devoted following because of its gripping plot and brilliant ensemble. One of Hauser’s greatest performances, the role of Rip showcases his skill at giving the character depth, intensity, and empathy.

In addition to performing, Hauser has pursued a career in production. He worked as a producer for the 2004 film “Paparazzi” in addition to performing in it. This encounter gave him the opportunity to get knowledge about the internal operations of the company.



Wings Hauser and Cass Warner are Cole Hauser’s parents. Actor Wings Hauser is well-known for his roles in movies like “The Insider” (1999) and “Vice Squad” (1982). The granddaughter of Harry Warner, a co-founder of Warner Bros., is Cass Warner, a film producer.

Two of Cole Hauser’s siblings exist. He has a brother named Jesse Hauser, who is also an actor and has roles in movies like “Solarbabies” (1986) and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984). Additionally, Vanessa Hauser is Hauser’s sister.

Since the Hauser family has a long history in the entertainment industry, it is obvious that they value the arts. The heritage of Cole Hauser’s parents, siblings, and other family members in the film industry extends several generations.

Cole Hauser family
Cole Hauser with his family


Although viewers are accustomed to seeing Hauser with Kelly Reilly from Yellowstone, who plays his on-screen wife, the actor is actually riding out into the sunset with Cynthia Daniel, who has been his partner since the 1990s and wife since 2006 and is the mother of his three children. In November 2020, he reportedly told PEOPLE, “We’ve been together for 25 years.”

Cole Hauser wife
Cole Hauser with his wife Cynthia Daniel


  • Cole Hauser hails from Santa Barbara, California, U.S.
  • Hauser made his acting debut in the film “School Ties” (1992), where he portrayed the character of Jack Connors.
  • Hauser is known for his versatility as an actor. He has appeared in various genres, including drama, comedy, action, and westerns.
  • Hauser gained critical acclaim for his role as Staff Sergeant Cota in the war drama film “Tigerland” (2000), directed by Joel Schumacher.
  • In addition to his film career, Hauser has also appeared in television shows such as “Rogue” (2013-2017) and the hit series “Yellowstone” (2018-present).
  • Hauser has also ventured into producing. He served as a producer for the film “Paparazzi” (2004), in which he also starred.
  • Hauser is married to actress Cynthia Daniel, and they have three children together.
  • Hauser enjoys outdoor activities, including surfing, snowboarding, and dirt biking.
  • Hauser is involved in charitable work and has supported organizations such as The Art of Elysium, which brings the arts to children facing various challenges.
  • Hauser and fellow actor Josh Duhamel have been close friends since childhood, having grown up together in California.

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Net Worth 

Cole Hauser is a popular American actor how rich is he? As per our research and data available on the internet, it is said that Cole Hauser’s current net worth as of now, in 2023 is estimated to be around more than $10 million.

A big portion of his income comes from his profession as an actor, commercials, brand promotions, and business ventures. As his career is active, it can be expected that his net worth will increase in the upcoming days.

Cole Hauser net worth
Cole Hauser

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Does Cole Hauser, Consume Alcohol?Yes
Does he, Smoke?Not Known
Does he, Drive?Yes
Does Cole Hauser, swim?Yes
Does he know cooking?Yes
Is he a Yoga Practitioner?Not Known
Does Gym?Not Known
Is Cole Hauser a Jogger?Not Known
Eating Habit?Non-Vegetarian
Cole Hauser wiki
Cole Hauser


Who is Cole Hauser?

American actor Cole Hauser is well-known for his roles in both movies and television. He was born in Santa Barbara, California, on March 22, 1975. Wings Hauser, Hauser’s father, is an actor, and Cass Warner, Hauser’s mother, is the granddaughter of Harry Warner, co-founder of Warner Bros., so the Hauser family has a long history in the entertainment industry.

Is Cole Hauser married?

Yes, Cole Hauser is married to his wife Cynthia Daniel.

What is the age of Cole Hauser?

The age of Cole Hauser is 48 years ( as of 2023).

When is the Birthday of Cole Hauser?

Cole Hauser’s birthday is on March 22, 1975.

What is the Zodiac Sign of Cole Hauser?

The Zodiac Sign of Cole Hauser is Aries.

How tall is Cole Hauser?

Cole Hauser is 6 feet 1 inches tall.

Where is Cole Hauser from?

Cole Hauser is from Santa Barbara, California, U.S.

How much is the net worth of Cole Hauser?

The net worth of Cole Hauser is estimated to be around $10 million.


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